Terror strikes in Bali Islamic terrorist attack at a nightclub in Bali killed nearly 200 people. October, 2000.
Share of global reserves: 0.4%
Share of global production (2003): 1.6%

Population: 238 million
Population growth rate: 1.49% (2004 est.)
GDP per capita: $3,200 (2004 est.)
Government type: Presidential-
parliamentary democracy (military-
Religions: Muslim 88%, Protestant 5%, Roman Catholic 3%, Hindu 2%, Buddhist 1%, other 1%
Literacy: 87.9%
Freedom House Ranking: Partly free
Political situation:
U.N. officials claim Indonesian soldiers and paramilitary thugs murdered up to 1,000 East Timorese civilians, when they rampaged through the province in the aftermath of an independence referendum in August 1999.
During the past 10 years, more than 6,000 people have been killed in fighting in Aceh, a region rich in oil and gas, between the Free Aceh Movement and government forces.
October 2001: Indonesia's top Islamic authority, the Indonesian Council for Muslim teachers, called for a jihad against the U.S. pending a military strike on Afghanistan. "We ask for all the Muslims of the world to unite and gather all their forces to fight in the name of Allah in a jihad if an aggression by America and its allies occurs against Afghanistan and the Islamic world" said Din Syamsuddin, spokesperson for the Council.
Muslim-Christian violence killed nearly 10,000 people since 1999 in Ambon in Indonesia's Maluku Islands.
October 2002: The militant Islamic group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) bombed a nightclub in Bali killing nearly 200 people.
May 2003: Indonesia's president Megawati Sukarnoputri put the Aceh province in the under martial law giving green light for a major military assault against separatist rebels after peace talks in Tokyo collapsed.
August 2003: A van driven by a suicide bomber exploded in a Jakarta hotel killing 14 people and wounding 148.
April 2004: Dozens killed in clashes between Muslims and Christians in Indonesia's eastern city of Ambon.
September 2004: A massive explosion outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta killed nine people and injured 180.

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