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September 29, 2003

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New brand of piracy threatens oil tankers in Malacca Straits

China's Demand for Oil May Make Thailand Canal a Reality

Saudis consider nuclear bomb

Terror Close to Home: oil-rich Venezuela

Dr. Ariel Cohen: Saudi-Russian Rapprochement: U.S. Should Beware

Milton R. Copulos: "The real cost of imported oil"

Japan: Resentment over US pressure on Iran oil plan

Nigeria: Third U.S. Warship Arrives for Niger Delta Duty

Submarine terror fear for North Sea oil rigs

Azerbaijan, US hold naval exercises in oil-rich Caspian Sea

Bodies of British Oil Worker, Ecuadorean Driver Found

Bus Blast, Clashes Kill 58 in Afghanistan

Warnings long ignored on aging electric system

Hybrid Vehicles

Fuel Cell Developers

Back Issues

Focus: Iraq

Minding Its Business
Saudi Arabia, which has demonstrated its willingness to use its vast oil reserves as a foreign policy tool, has not acted to aid U.S. efforts to rebuild Iraq.

Fencing in looters and saboteurs in Iraq
Too many people in and outside of Iraq are hoping to deny Iraq a better future through a campaign of sabotage and plunder of the country's neglected oil facilities. The problem, and possible solutions.


Prospects on Russia’s stance towards OPEC
In September Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler Prince Abdullah made the first visit to Russia by a Saudi head of state in over seven decades. The future of Moscow’s stance towards OPEC is a critical question for the world oil market. Will Russia be willing to cooperate with OPEC and thus further strengthen the power of the cartel to set a price range for oil?

Energy security and liquefied natural gas
Demand for natural gas has increased as have the security vulnerabilities presented by liquefied natural gas terminals and tankers.

On the technology front

Smart Fuel Cells for RVs
SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG is selling a fuel cell system for use in recreational vehicles (RVs) that weighs less than 5% the weight of a leadacid battery of similar capacity.

Rentech announces progress on Australian coal-to-diesel project
The Latrobe Valley in eastern Victoria, Australia is the leading choice for what could be the first "clean" production of gas and sulfur-free diesel and naphtha in Australia from the processing of coal.

GTI reports significant results from direct methanol fuel cell membrane
A new membrane developed by the Gas Technology Institute for proton exchange membrane fuel cells has substantially improved direct methanol fuel cell system performance.

San Francisco and Honda to partner on fuel cell car program
American Honda announced last week that it will supply two Honda FCX hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles, the world's first commercially certified fuel cell car, to the City of San Francisco.

Barbara Heydorn, SRIC-BI analyst spoke at a TiE Silicon Valley and IAGS event on 30 July 2003: "Fuel Cells: What are they and why are they getting so much attention? "

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