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January 2006

August-September 2005
Oil puts Iran out of reach
Reconstructing Iraq: Bringing Iraq's Economy Back Online
The sweet road to energy security
Finding Technological Solutions to the Energy-Water Nexus

March 2005
Pipeline sabotage is terrorist’s weapon of choice
Russia's oil windfall
The rise of Islam in Azerbaijan
Watch: Energy Security editor Anne Korin discusses sabotage of Iraqi oil infrastructure and maritime attacks and oil and gas targets
Watch: IAGS' executive director Gal Luft comments on Iraqi oil
Hydrogen or electricity? A nuclear fork in the road
Yogi and Gasoline

January 2005
Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline: the Baloch wildcard
Will North Africa learn from the oil curse?
Maritime terrorism: a new challenge for NATO
In search of crude China goes to the Americas
Watch: Gal Luft discusses China's oil deals in Canada
Al Qaeda's economic war against the United States
Watch: Energy Security editor Anne Korin comments on LNG tankers and terrorism
Hybrid Cars: The Slow Drive to Energy Security

November 2004
Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline: not yet finished and already threatened
A strategic approach to pipeline security
Terrorism goes to sea
Radical Islam and LNG in Trinidad and Tobago
Chinese quest for crude increases focus on Africa
National security experts call to reduce dependence on oil
Target: Energy
Needed: Three 1-billion-barrel oil banks

August 2004
What the 9/11 Commission missed
The Connection: Water and Energy Security
Saudi Arabia in Crisis
Energy Security in East Asia
Major improvement in fuel economy and range of Honda's fuel cell vehicles
Biodiesel fueled ships to cruise in Canada
How utilities can save America from its oil addiction

July 2004
Iraq's Oil Sector One Year After Liberation
Going for the jugular: Oil Kamikaze
Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) - an oil blood bank
Reagan's way of war
Implications of U.S. dependence on Middle East oil
Comparing Hydrogen and Electricity for Transmission, Storage and Transportation
Study: Coal based methanol is cheapest fuel for fuel cells
Distance based auto insurance

May 2004
China and US should set up a strategic dialogue on energy issues
A crude threat
A shortcut for Russian oil to Asia
Chilly response to U.S. plan to deploy forces in the Strait of Malacca
Highlights from the Department of Energy’s International Energy Outlook 2004-2025
North Sea oil is declining
Terror's Big Prize
Libya: changing its spots?
Fuel Cell power plant installed at NJ College
Biomass-to-Ethanol Progress
EU study: Methanol from biomass - competitive with gasoline
DOE should say "GO" for further research in on-board fuel processing for fuel cell vehicles

March 2004
New study raises doubts about Saudi oil reserves
Islamists threaten western energy companies in Algeria
A shortcut for Russian oil to Asia
U.S., China Are on Collision Course Over Oil
The Sino-Saudi Connection
New technology can help fight pipeline sabotage
EPA Displays the First Advanced Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle
GM and National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition Partner To Promote Use of E85
Nissan leasing fuel-cell vehicles

January 2004
Terror's Next Target
Study: LNG tankers make spectacular targets for terrorists
Does Saudi Arabia border on Iraq?
India's energy security challenge
Fuel Cell Buses to UK and Down Under
Volkswagen AG and Archer Daniels Midland Announce Biodiesel Research Agreement
World's first fuel cell plant to operate on coalmine methane gas
PolyFuel delivers breakthrough fuel cell membrane For portable fuel cell systems

October 2003: Special 1973 oil embargo anniversary issue
Thirty years later oil is still a big gun
Dangerous Dependence
The Oil Embargo 30 Years Later: Are We Prepared? (click to watch event)
NDCF report: the hidden cost of imported oil
Thirty Years Since the Oil Embargo: Can America Become Energy Independent?
Oil and Politics Thirty Years after the Arab Oil Embargo
Unrest in Bolivia over gas deal
Genesis Fueltech reports successful long term test of methanol reformer
Caterpillar and FuelCell Energy Announce Largest Fuel Cell Power Plant Installation in Illinois
Plug-in hybrid electric HUMVEE for the U.S. military
Hydrogen fuel cell powered special operations vehicles for the Army

September 2003
Minding Its Business
Fencing in looters and saboteurs in Iraq
Prospects on Russia’s stance towards OPEC
Energy security and liquefied natural gas
Smart Fuel Cells for RVs
Rentech announces progress on Australian coal-to-diesel project
GTI reports significant results from direct methanol fuel cell membrane
San Francisco and Honda to partner on fuel cell car program
Barbara Heydorn: "Fuel Cells: What are they and why are they getting so much attention?"

August 2003
Energy Pulse analysis by Gal Luft: Can Canadian sands replace Arabia's?
Oil, terrorism and drugs intermingle in Colombia
Japan's struggle to secure future oil supply
Chad-Cameroon pipeline project put to test
Natural resource curse hits São Tomé
Fuel cell locomotive for military and commercial Railways
Fuel cell power plant installed at NJ Sheraton
Fuel cell scooters for Europe and China
U.S. Air Force to get fuel cell bus

July 2003
West African Oil: Hope or Hype? by Dr. Cyril Widdershoven
Africa Drowns in a Pool of Oil
Terrorist Threats in Africa
Federal Express starts using GM fuel cell vehicle for deliveries in Japan
Boeing announces partners for Fuel Cell Airplane Project
Yamaha Motor to develop methanol fuel cell for small motorycles
Eastman CEO: Coal gasification solution for natural gas crisis

June 2003 Issue 2
Greenspan warns on implications of natural gas shortage
Terrorism expert warns of attack on oil targets in strategic chokepoints
Iraqi Oil Production Delayed
Oil pipeline explosion kills 105 in Nigeria
Introducing Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
U.S., EU agree to collaborate on fuel cell development
Ballard Receives US $1.75 Million Fuel Cell Order from New Major Automotive Customer
Energy Visions achieves benchmark in its Direct Methanol Fuel Cell technology

June 2003 Issue 1
Spotlight Saudi Arabia: The Oil Kingdom, A Royal House of Cards
Chinese oil demand and the Middle East
Oil companies in the Gulf face new risks
European Commission study claims OPEC will hold 95% of global oil reserves by 2030
The U.S. faces a shortage of natural gas
FedEx seeks ways to curb dependency on gasoline
Coal fuel for jets
Japan's Toray develops tiny fuel cell to power mobile electronics
Matsushita to commercialize residential fuel cell system by March 2005

May 2003
Joint Publication of The Brookings Institution and IAGS: How Much Oil Does Iraq Have?
Oil prices rise after Riyadh bombing
Department of Energy: World oil demand to jump 50% by 2025
Oil imports help widen trade deficit for the U.S.
The Environmental Protection Agency: U.S. vehicle fuel economy the lowest in 22 years
Highlights from the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources' Energy Policy Act of 2003, a bipartisan comprehensive energy bill designed to diversify America's energy portfolio
Tension mounting in Indonesia's oil rich province
Fuel cell powered buses delivered to Europe
Fuel Cell Vehicles Reach 400-Mile Finish Line in Los Angeles
GM, Dow tout largest fuel cell deal
UPS to use Mercedez-Benz fuel cell vehicles in fleet
Delphi aims to power solid oxide fuel cell with coal
Clean Coal-to-Methanol project a success

April 2003 Issue 2
Oil prices fall and rise
Oil pipeline in Nigeria blown up by militants
Oil related indictments
French oil giant Elf Aquitaine funds 'went to French parties'
Unocal can stand trial for benefiting from Burma's slaving regime
Iraq to Syria oil pipeline shut
DaimlerChrysler's fuel cell powered minivan featured in Pentagon display
Millennium Cell to demonstrate Hydrogen on Demand in water taxi
Delphi Exhibits Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology

April 2003 Issue 1
War jitters send oil prices up
A surge in ethnic conflict in the Nigerian delta has forced oil companies to shut down their operations
Saudi Arabia: a war profiteer?
Talisman Sudan suit to proceed
Bomb explodes in Kashmir oil depot
Drilling in ANWR fails in the Senate
Fueling coalition forces in the desert
New legislation offers tax incentives for alternative fuels
DaimlerChrysler: Over 500,000 Fuel Cell Cars Worldwide by 2010
New fuel cell buses to reduce air pollution in China
Greek navy modernizes submarines with Siemens fuel cell technology

March 2003
Oil prices reach peak in March
Muslim countries consider an oil embargo to stop the U.S. from attacking Iraq
Middle East expert predicts Saddam would target oil fields
American and Canadian workers slain at oil rig in Yemen
India shuts refinery in northeast after attacks by United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA)
Natural gas prices hit record highs
Senator Dorgan introduces bill to launch Apollo project for hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles
L.A. gets new fuel cell power plant
Senior analyst bets fuel cells will be Japan's next megahit
International Platinum Association corrects erroneous reports on the availability of platinum for fuel cells
Nissan Motor will jointly develop a fuel cell with the U.S. group United Technologies Corp
Auto companies join forces with energy suppliers to demonstrate viability of hydrogen refueling infrastructure

February 2003
Threats to Iraqi oilfields; estimated costs to restore Iraqi production
Nigerian Oil Workers' Strike Could Halt Exports
The State of the Union address put energy security squarely on the national agenda
To implement the President's vision the fuel cell industry is working hard to reduce costs
GM's Hy-Wire Fuel Cell Vehicle Revolutionizes Car Design
Making fuel cell vehicles available at a mass scale requires an economically viable, safe, and plentiful supply of hydrogen containing fuel
Nissan Motor Company and UTC Fuel Cells (UTCFC) signed an agreement to jointly develop proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology
Neah Power Systems Inc. unveils methanol fuel cell with porous silicon electrodes

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